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The ~{PG}~ squad was established September 15, 2002 as a Competition Squad in Delta Force2. In early 2007, the DF2 Community was slowly being taken over by cheats and hacks that wreaked havoc in our server and many others.
The Founder of PG, Bubbachuk closed down the long running DF2 server (THE PlayGround) and moved it to Delta Force: Xtreme.
Windstalker, a long time PG member and accomplished mapmaker also moved to DFX.

As mapmakers, we were both well pleased with the DFX Map Editor and estatic at the potential to really turn out some first class DM & TDM maps . . . which we did for a while.
However, the game wasn't the same. After years of playing the very fast paced DF2, DFX felt sluggish and cumbersome. Not wanting to go back to the BS in DF2, we started making DFX COOP maps.

We had played in several COOP servers and found most of them to be lacking in any real challenge to the players. They were okay for players that just wanted to shoot bad guys and run up a big score but, that wasn't our style. We decided that if we were going to build COOP maps, they were going to be tough . . . winnable but tough.
Our slogan then, as it is now, is "We Build Gaming maps, Not Shooting Galleries."
As its turned out, we unknowingly filled a niche that a lot of players had been looking for . . . Challenging Maps.

Since Windstalker and I started making COOP maps, we have been lucky enough to acquire the talents of Country Joe (formerly Sheriff=AT= and leader of the DF2 and DFX =AT= Squad). He has turned out some very good maps and leads the squad in the number of maps made. A little later we added POG to our group. POG had absolutely no map making experience but expressed a desire to learn . . . which he has done and has turned out several high quality maps since joining us a few months ago.
More recently we have added the talents of The Eye as our Web Designer and Webmaster. He has basically rebuilt our website and made it something we're all proud of.

We're playing DFX2 now and will probably switch to DF Angel Falls when it comes out.