BO MOD V1.6 b2 wINDOWS10

Download And Installation Instructions for BO V1.6
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BO MOD V1.6 b2 wINDOWS10

Post by dommaitre »

Bonjour a tous,
Impossible installer BO mod V1.6 b2 sur Windows 10!!
Quelqu'un a t il une solution?
Merci de votre aide
Translation wrote:Hello everyone,
Can not install BO b2 mod V1.6 on Windows 10 !!
t there anyone has a solution ?
Thank you for your help

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Re: BO MOD V1.6 b2 wINDOWS10

Post by Bubbachuk-PG- »

Black Ops Mod V1.6 est encore en test bêta et pas prêt pour
libérer au public encore . Nous sommes sur la Beta 2 maintenant et nous aurions pu
plusieurs versions bêta plus avant qu'il ne soit prêt . Ceci veut dire cela
chaque fois qu'une nouvelle version bêta est créé ( beta 3 , bêta 4 , bêta 5 , etc )
nous devons faire une nouvelle installation du mod .
Un poste sera fait dans notre forum et à lorsque le
version finale est prêt à être diffusé .
English wrote:Black Ops Mod V1.6 is still in Beta testing and not ready for
release to the public yet. We're on Beta 2 now and could have
several more beta versions before it's ready. This means that
each time a new beta version is created (beta 3, beta 4, beta 5, etc)
we have to do a new install of the mod.
A post will be made in our forum and at when the
final version is ready for release.

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Re: BO MOD V1.6 b2 wINDOWS10

Post by Country Joe-PG- »

I have Windows 10 and I did the following:

1) Deleted the BO MOD 16 Beta 1 folder and game desktop shortcut.
2) Copied my Delta Force Xtreme 2 file inside my Nova Logic folder and pasted it back into my Nova Logic Folder. It then shows as "Delta Force Xtreme - Copy"
3) Renamed the newly created file "BO MOD 16"
4) During the install step on where to install the BO MOD 16 Beta 2 I selected "Browse" then
selected the newly created "BO MOD 16" file inside my Nova Logic Folder.

A desktop shortcut icon is created during the install labeled, "Black Ops X2 1.6 Beta 2 Full".
After the install was completed, I double clicked the desktop icon, my computer and graphics card did the graphics check and shortly I was in.

Remember, you have to reenter your Nova password each time you swap between MOD versions. At least I have to.

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