Bin File Example for DFX2

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Bin File Example for DFX2

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This is an Example of a BIN file content for the Silver Server (DFX2) Map:

STRWPNAME000 = "Null";
STRWPNAME001 = "Alpha";
STRWPNAME002 = "Bravo";
STRWPNAME003 = "Charlie";
STRWPNAME004 = "Delta";
STRWPNAME005 = "Echo";
STRWPNAME006 = "Foxtrot";
STRWPNAME007 = "Golf";
STRWPNAME008 = "Hotel";
STRWPNAME009 = "India";
STRWPNAME010 = "Joker";
STRWPNAME011 = "Kilo";
STRWPNAME012 = "Lima";
STRWPNAME013 = "Mike";
STRWPNAME014 = "November";
STRWPNAME015 = "Oscar";
STRWPNAME016 = "Papa";
STRWPNAME017 = "Quebec";
STRWPNAME018 = "Romeo";
STRWPNAME019 = "Sierra";
STRWPNAME020 = "Tango";
STRWPNAME021 = "Uniform";
STRWPNAME022 = "Victor";
STRWPNAME023 = "Whiskey";
STRWPNAME024 = "X-Ray";
STRWPNAME025 = "Yankee";
STRWPNAME026 = "Zulu";

STRNAME000 = "null";
STRNAME001 = "Lt Dawn Shoot";
STRNAME002 = "Maj Minor";
STRNAME003 = "Cpt Crash Iwill";
STRNAME004 = "Cpt Major";
STRNAME005 = "Lt Ima Decoy";

STRWINCOND000 = "null";
STRWINCOND001 = "Eliminate all resistance";
STRWINCOND002 = "Find Intel Documents";
STRWINCOND003 = "Eliminate all weapon crates";
STRWINCOND004 = "Reach Final Waypoint";
STRWINCOND005 = "Destroy Technicals";
STRWINCOND006 = "Destroy Radio Equipment";
STRWINCOND007 = "Destroy command center";
STRWINCOND008 = "Destroy communication towers";
STRWINCOND009 = "Stop advancing troops";
STRWINCOND010 = "Eliminate all resistance at the objective";
STRWINCOND011 = "Eliminate enemy helicopters";
STRWINCOND012 = "Destroy weapon emplacements";
STRWINCOND013 = "Sink cargo ship";
STRWINCOND014 = "Destroy bridge";
STRWINCOND015 = "Eliminate perimeter patrols";
STRWINCOND017 = "Protect civilians";
STRWINCOND018 = "Protect your squad";
STRWINCOND019 = "Destroy Supply Trucks";
STRWINCOND020 = "Destroy crates at objective";
STRWINCOND021 = "Eliminate all forces at Waypoint Alpha";
STRWINCOND022 = "Eliminate all forces at Waypoint Bravo";
STRWINCOND023 = "Eliminate all forces at Waypoint Charlie";
STRWINCOND024 = "Eliminate all forces at Waypoint Delta";
STRWINCOND025 = "Eliminate all forces at Waypoint Echo";
STRWINCOND026 = "Eliminate all forces at Waypoint Foxtrot";
STRWINCOND027 = "Eliminate all forces at Waypoint Golf";
STRWINCOND028 = "Eliminate all forces at Waypoint Hotel";
STRWINCOND029 = "Eliminate all forces at Waypoint India";
STRWINCOND030 = "Eliminate all forces at Waypoint Joker";
STRWINCOND031 = "Eliminate all forces at Waypoint Kilo";
STRWINCOND032 = "Eliminate all forces at Waypoint Lima";
STRWINCOND033 = "Eliminate all forces at Waypoint Mike";
STRWINCOND034 = "Eliminate all forces at Waypoint November";
STRWINCOND035 = "Eliminate all forces at Waypoint Oscar";
STRWINCOND036 = "Eliminate all forces at Waypoint Papa";
STRWINCOND037 = "Eliminate all forces at Waypoint Quebec";
STRWINCOND038 = "Eliminate all forces at Waypoint Romeo";
STRWINCOND039 = "Eliminate all forces at Waypoint Sierra";
STRWINCOND040 = "Eliminate all forces at Waypoint Tango";
STRWINCOND041 = "Eliminate all forces at Waypoint Uniform";
STRWINCOND042 = "Eliminate all forces at Waypoint Victor";
STRWINCOND043 = "Eliminate all forces at Waypoint Whiskey";
STRWINCOND044 = "Eliminate all forces at Waypoint X-Ray";
STRWINCOND045 = "Eliminate all forces at Waypoint Yankee";
STRWINCOND046 = "Eliminate all forces at Waypoint Zulu";
STRWINMSG000 = "Objective Complete!";
STRWINMSG001 = "All resistance has been eliminated";
STRWINMSG002 = "Intel Documents Found";
STRWINMSG003 = "All weapon crates destroyed!";
STRWINMSG004 = "Waypoint Reached";
STRWINMSG005 = "Technicals Destroyed!";
STRWINMSG006 = "Radio Equipment Destroyed";
STRWINMSG007 = "Command Center Destroyed";
STRWINMSG008 = "Communications Tower Destroyed";
STRWINMSG009 = "Enemy Troops Neutralized";
STRWINMSG010 = "Enemy Forces Destroyed";
STRWINMSG011 = "Enemy Helicopters Destroyed";
STRWINMSG012 = "Weapon emplacements destroyed!";
STRWINMSG013 = "Cargo ship sunk!";
STRWINMSG014 = "Bridge destroyed!";
STRWINMSG015 = "Patrols eliminated!";
STRWINMSG017 = "The civilians are safe!";
STRWINMSG018 = "Your squad has survived!";
STRWINMSG019 = "Supply Trucks Destroyed";
STRWINMSG020 = "Crates Destroyed";
STRWINMSG021 = "Enemy Forces Destroyed";
STRWINMSG022 = "Enemy Forces Destroyed";
STRWINMSG023 = "Enemy Forces Destroyed";
STRWINMSG024 = "Enemy Forces Destroyed";
STRWINMSG025 = "Enemy Forces Destroyed";
STRWINMSG026 = "Enemy Forces Destroyed";
STRWINMSG027 = "Enemy Forces Destroyed";
STRWINMSG028 = "Enemy Forces Destroyed";
STRWINMSG029 = "Enemy Forces Destroyed";
STRWINMSG030 = "Enemy Forces Destroyed";
STRWINMSG031 = "Enemy Forces Destroyed";
STRWINMSG032 = "Enemy Forces Destroyed";
STRWINMSG033 = "Enemy Forces Destroyed";
STRWINMSG034 = "Enemy Forces Destroyed";
STRWINMSG035 = "Enemy Forces Destroyed";
STRWINMSG036 = "Enemy Forces Destroyed";
STRWINMSG037 = "Enemy Forces Destroyed";
STRWINMSG038 = "Enemy Forces Destroyed";
STRWINMSG039 = "Enemy Forces Destroyed";
STRWINMSG040 = "Enemy Forces Destroyed";
STRWINMSG041 = "Enemy Forces Destroyed";
STRWINMSG042 = "Enemy Forces Destroyed";
STRWINMSG043 = "Enemy Forces Destroyed";
STRWINMSG044 = "Enemy Forces Destroyed";
STRWINMSG045 = "Enemy Forces Destroyed";
STRWINMSG046 = "Enemy Forces Destroyed";

STRLOSECOND000 = "null";
STRLOSECOND001 = "Player dies";
STRLOSECOND002 = "Friendly forces eliminated";
STRLOSECOND003 = "Friendly helicopters destroyed";
STRLOSECOND004 = "Trucks destroyed";
STRLOSECOND005 = "Transmitter destroyed";
STRLOSECOND006 = "Black Hawk destroyed";
STRLOSECOND007 = "Ground troops eliminated";
STRLOSECOND008 = "Too many casualties";
STRLOSECOND009 = "Operative killed";
STRLOSECOND010 = "Jeeps destroyed";
STRLOSECOND011 = "Bridge destroyed";
STRLOSECOND012 = "Weapon emplacement destroyed";
STRLOSECOND013 = "Communications destroyed";
STRLOSECOND014 = "Cargo ship sunk";
STRLOSECOND015 = "Squad killed";
STRLOSECOND016 = "Relief supplies lost";
STRLOSECOND017 = "Enemy reached waypoint";
STRLOSECOND018 = "Objective not secured in time";
STRLOSECOND019 = "Explosives detonated";
STRLOSECOND020 = "Too many crates destroyed";
STRLOSECOND021 = "Teammate killed";
STRLOSECOND022 = "Little Bird destroyed";
STRLOSECOND023 = "Did not reach objective in time";
STRLOSECOND024 = "Arms shipment destroyed";
STRLOSECOND025 = "Emplaced weapons destroyed";
STRLOSECOND026 = "Too far off course";
STRLOSECOND027 = "Too many civilians killed";
STRLOSECOND028 = "Friendly fire";
STRLOSECOND029 = "Objective not secured";
STRLOSECOND030 = "Waypoint not secured";
STRLOSEMSG000 = "Mission Failed!";
STRLOSEMSG001 = "Mission Failed!
You Died";
STRLOSEMSG002 = "Mission Failed!
Friendly forces eliminated";
STRLOSEMSG003 = "Mission Failed!
Friendly helicopters destroyed";
STRLOSEMSG004 = "Mission Failed!
Trucks destroyed";
STRLOSEMSG005 = "Mission Failed!
Transmitter destroyed";
STRLOSEMSG006 = "Mission Failed!
Black Hawk destroyed";
STRLOSEMSG007 = "Mission Failed!
Ground troops eliminated";
STRLOSEMSG008 = "Mission Failed!
Too many casualties";
STRLOSEMSG009 = "Mission Failed!
Operative Killed";
STRLOSEMSG010 = "Mission Failed!
Jeeps destroyed";
STRLOSEMSG011 = "Mission Failed!
Bridge destroyed";
STRLOSEMSG012 = "Mission Failed!
Weapon emplacement destroyed";
STRLOSEMSG013 = "Mission Failed!
Communications destroyed";
STRLOSEMSG014 = "Mission Failed!
Cargo ship has been sunk";
STRLOSEMSG015 = "Mission Failed!
Squad killed";
STRLOSEMSG016 = "Mission Failed!
Relief supplies lost";
STRLOSEMSG017 = "Mission Failed!
Enemy has reached waypoint";
STRLOSEMSG018 = "Mission Failed!
Objective not secured";
STRLOSEMSG019 = "Mission Failed!
Explosives detonated";
STRLOSEMSG020 = "Mission Failed!
Too many crates destroyed";
STRLOSEMSG021 = "Mission Failed!
Teammate killed";
STRLOSEMSG022 = "Mission Failed!
Little Bird destroyed";
STRLOSEMSG023 = "Mission Failed!
Failed to reach objective";
STRLOSEMSG024 = "Mission Failed!
Arms shipment destroyed";
STRLOSEMSG025 = "Mission Failed!
Emplaced weapons destroyed";
STRLOSEMSG026 = "Mission Failed!
You've gone too far off course";
STRLOSEMSG027 = "Mission Failed!
Too many civilians killed";
STRLOSEMSG028 = "Mission Failed!
You've shot your own team";
STRLOSEMSG029 = "Mission Failed!
Objective not secured";
STRLOSEMSG030 = "Mission Failed!
Waypoint not secured";

LOCATION000 = "Home Base";
LOCATION001 = "Radio Outpost";
LOCATION002 = "Weapon Storage";
LOCATION003 = "Tent City";
LOCATION004 = "Patrol Boats";
LOCATION005 = "Terror Town";
LOCATION006 = "Extraction Point";

AI_ALPHA1 = "Alpha 1";
AI_CHARLIE1 = "Charlie 1";
AI_ALPHA2 = "Alpha 2";
AI_CHARLIE2 = "Charlie 2";

Title = "Map Name";
briefing = "<ucFC8932>MAP DETAILS:<-uco>
Map Name: Map Name
Map Maker: Map Maker's Name
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