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Gaming Monitor

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Well I finally dipped into the pool and got me a gaming monitor.

I went from not really knowing anything about it to damn near almost everything. Thank you YouTube!!!

Old monitor is a Samsung 24 inch 4k at 60 Hz

Dude got me a dell

New Model Dell S2721DGF

Its an IPS panel 2560 x 1440
165 Hz Native with Display Port
144 Hz Native with HDMI 2.0
USB 3.0 hub built in (Two by the IO ports and two in the front.

Here is the link ... cs_section

Reason I went with this one?
Price Although not the cheapest thing out there $429.99 is a good deal compared to others. I got mine open box from Best Buy so it came with free shipping and a cheaper price tag.
So far looks to be 100% in working order.
Also wanted a panel that was released this year and not something that has been around 5 years.
Reviews on YouTube are in favor of this over to LG Ultra Gear models (They use the same panel)
Also having the built in USB hub is great and can free up a few ports on the computer itself. Like mouse and keyboard!!!!!
I also went from a 4k monitor to 1440 as it is easier to drive from the video card. Plus there are very few high refresh 4k monitors out there. You are also looking at probably $1000 for a 27 inch which is way to much money.
I also didn't want the RGB puke! It does have some ambient light in the back. But this can be turned off. Woo hoo.
A few monitor settings can be controlled by a desktop app. So you don't have to play with the nipples (Ladies).
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Re: Gaming Monitor

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