Magic Table

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Magic Table

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Man goes into an antique shop.

He looks around and sees a very nice dark wood dressing table. He examines the table and finds it in good condition and enquires how much it is.

The salesman say's it is 25000 USD

What??? said the man. How come it is that much money. it looks like a crumby bit of furniture to me.

Well, said the salesman. "It is a magic table"

"A magic table?" exclaimed the man. "Yes". Said the salesman

"How come it's magic then?"

The salesman replied - "ask it a question. make it easy because the table has no voice".

"OK" said the man. he asked the table how many letters in the alphabet. To his amazement the table jumped up and down 26 times.
Blimey he said. "That is really cool but that is a rather easy question"

The salesman told the man to ask the table a question that wasn't easy and not general knowledge.

"Ok" said the man. "How much has my wife in her bank account?"

The table jumped up and down 31,989 times.

"Christ!" said the man. "Where did she get that sort of money?"

The table suddenly opened its legs and dropped its drawers!
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Re: Magic Table

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Re: Magic Table

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