This one is a bit better

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This one is a bit better

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Man needs a testical transplant.

He is on the operating table and a nurse has gone to fetch the donor testes from the fridge.
Nurse collects the testes but on the way back to the operating theatre, she spills them from the tray and they roll into the waste sluice.

She doesn't want to lose her job so she hurries off to the canteen and gets two small pickle onions and puts them on the tray instead.

The surgeon doesn't notice and sews the testes replacement into the guys scrotum.

All goes well and the man is called back to the hospital for a routine post-op check up.

"well" said the surgeon, "how are you feeling with your new testacles?"

"Fine" said the man, " except every time I see a piece of cheese, I get a hard-on"
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