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Re: Joining the -PG- Squad

Post by RLC_Roger »

Hello, I've been gaming here since October 2013.
How's about I get an approval to join the squad.
There may be 2 or 3 that have mixed feelings,
But all in all, i believe I'm a good man. I'm 73.
send me an Email for a yea or nay.
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Re: Joining the -PG- Squad

Post by Bubbachuk-PG- »

Thanks for your interest, Roger.
Right now we are not taking any new members. If, or when the DFX2 servers are restored we may start recruiting again.
In case you were wondering why you were never asked to join, aside from the initial core of the squad (the Elders), we never ask players to join. All our members have approached us for membership and voted on by the Elders after being interviewed.
I don't think you ever asked to join.

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