Bin Files - Naming People and Locations

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Bin Files - Naming People and Locations

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If you are working with an already established "BIN" file, the first thing you should do is convert the "BIN" file to a "TEXT FILE" using the "BIN2TXT" program.
Assign names for the locations in the BIN file as shown below. Next, put a "Map Named Location" image on the map. It is located under "Markers" in the Insert Menu.
The NAME given to that location must be in your Bin file under '[LOCATIONS]'. In this example, the name of this location is "Radio Outpost". The name is shown in BOLD text in the example below as LOCATION001.

LOCATION000 = "Home Base";
LOCATION001 = "Radio Outpost";
LOCATION002 = "Weapon Storage";
LOCATION003 = "Tent City";
LOCATION004 = "Patrol Boats";
LOCATION005 = "Terror Town";
LOCATION006 = "Extraction Point";

To have the name of this location show up in the game, select the Map Named Location image (highlight it) and bring up the Item Attributes. In the bottom right corner of the IA window is an area named "AI Attributes". In that area is a box labeled as "Name". We're only concerned with the top Name box. In that box, enter the number 1. DON'T USE THE ZEROS (001) PRECEDING THE 1 IN THE BIN FILE . . . Just the number 1.

This "Map Named Location" will now show up on the map as "Radio Outpost. To name more locations, just insert "Map Named Location" images at the points you want them, enter the names for the locations in the BIN file and insert the corresponding number for that "LOCATION in the "AI Attributes".

The process is the same as above. In this example I've named the pilot of a helo "Maj Minor". You will note that this name is number 002 (STRNAME002) and the corresponding number is used in the Name box in the Item Attributes.
STRNAME000 = "null";
STRNAME001 = "Lt Dawn Shoot";
STRNAME002 = "Maj Minor";
STRNAME003 = "Cpt Crash Iwill";
STRNAME004 = "Cpt Major";
STRNAME005 = "Lt Ima Decoy";



Once you have entered the information that you desire, convert the "TEXT FILE" back to a "BIN" file using the "TXT2BIN" program.

That's ALL there is to it!! :D

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